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Published on January 8, 2017

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So about a month ago, I started dabbling in quad racing. I have learned so much in the last month, and right now I’m headed up to B&H to pick up the parts of the rest of my racing quad. And then I’m going to meet up with Mike AKA “Control,” and Andy from Shen Drones. They’re going to help me assemble the thing. And then, I’m going to fly. Looking pretty good. Keith and I are in the elevator in Andy Shen’s place. He’s the person that gave us the drone frame, and we’re going to assemble the drone. The race is in like four days. Hello hello! Wow, there’s a lot of drone parts everywhere. Mike and Andy are going to do all of the work while I watch.

So this is the ESC and flight controller in one. Here’s the camera. So you can tilt it up when you get really fast, but you can start down here and be a little bit more tame. How many quads have you built? I’ve built ten in three months. Andy, what about you? I don’t know, maybe up to 100. Wow. This is an integrated screen, and then it’s the controller.

Typically, nowadays we use goggles, but some people prefer a screen, a smaller screen. Making headway. The process is taking a screw, dipping it in some loctite here, which will help hold the screw in place, and hopefully minimize vibration. So right now I’m connecting the ESCs to the motors in a very specific order. Oh no! It’s alive. Alright so the final step here, now that the quad is fully assembled — minus the props — is to calibrate it. So we have this program that Andy is running called Cleanflight, and we just plugged it in over micro-USB and we’re detecting motion. I have no idea what they’re doing. They’re calibrating the drone. I’m glad they’re doing this. Initial hover test. Andy’s flying, I’m getting outta here. This is the very first time that I am piloting my racing drone.

Oh man, this is hard. This is so difficult. This is just something that takes a lot of practice, which I don’t have. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, what the f*ck?! Disarm, disarm. Did you see that? Yeah yeah, I don’t know. It just went nuts. This is going to be bad. Why are you so frustrated? Cause I just want to f*cking fly! This thing is nice and hot. I’m feeling okay. I mean, I gotta get back and just hang out in the simulator for a couple of years. This controller is dead.

We foolishly did not charge the controller, and there’s no replaceable batteries. So, I got to fly one battery, which is three minutes, four minutes? I’m not ready at all, there’s no way I can enter this race. There’s no way, I can’t even fly..

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ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250mm Racing Quadcopter – Buy Now