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The SKEYE Nano Camera Drone can flip, roll, and tumble through the sky with effortless grace.

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Published on July 12, 2016

SKEYE Nano Camera Drone

The smallest Camera Drone yet! This is my 6th RC Drone that I have reviewed so far. I was surprised how sturdy this nano drone is built. I even crashed it a bunch of times and it never fell apart nor did the propellers get damaged at all. It charges in less than 20 minutes and flies around 10 minutes. You can probably get 25% better battery if you don’t use the camera on it though for longer flight. It has a hard time flying in windy conditions so this is more for indoor flying. It’s small enough to enjoy in an office. The camera works for sure, it’s not the best since it records in 480p but it does well for what it is.

The Controller feels great in the hand and will need 2 AAA batteries, so you’ll need to get that too. This is the only drone I can fly indoor without needing too much space to fly. It’s not the easiest drone I have flow. I would put it in 4th place out of 6. Other than that, should be fun for any age, enjoy!

SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera – Remote Controlled – Mini Quadcopter – One Year Warranty

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A 6-Axis Gyro with a 6-Axis Flight Control System, the SKEYE Nano camera drone is easy to fly, giving you more control than a standard 4-Axis drone. Adjustable Gyro Sensitivity provides a stable flight, while acrobatic capability lets you flip through the …

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