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UDI quadcopter
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Published on March 29, 2017

UDI quad copter

Accidentally I deleted footage from first half of the day. It’s a terrible thing to happen, to anyone. Finally after 7 consecutive Vlogs, it happened to me today. This is my Vlog for the second half of the day, hope you guys enjoy it. Don’t you hate it when there is someone sitting besides you in a restaurant who is really really really loud.

UDI quadcopter

UDI quadcopter

Don’t be that person. We have something that might go terribly wrong today. I don’t have the patience to pop every single one of them so. We have motors for the quad copter. This is the quad copter that I have, It’s a UDI quad copter. And it is tough ! I mean I’ve crashed it so many times that I don’t even remember.

But after crashing it, probably, 50 / 100 times, 1 motor failed and the motor costed me somewhere around 300 Rs. And the copter itself is 3k-4k bucks. I’m just learning, I’m just learning how to fly this thing. I used to fly a Yak-12 airplane before, remote controlled airplane. This is all that is left of it I crashed it a couple of times and all I’m left with is servos, brilliant brush-less motor, a receiver that is busted and a transmitter. That’s what I’m left with. So any of you guys know how to fix the receiver or do something crazy with a bunch of servos, transmitter, receiver and a kick ass brush-less motor, hit me up on Facebook. I don’t know how to open this, but I’m going to try. I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry that I could not show you guys what happened in the first half of the day, it was really exciting. But hopefully I’ll be able to do that once more in the near future. So that’s it from My side guys, If you like the video hit the like.

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