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Published on February 10, 2017

DJI Mavic Pro – Read More

DJI has just announced this! Mavic PRO

This drone does everything a Phantom 4 does and then some more Michael Perry: Personally, I like to just carry it on me! and yes, it is fold-able! So here I am in front of DJI. Let’s go in. The event was in New York at Sir Stage37, where I got to see a drone simulator and all DJI products in one place. The presentation was very exciting the products they announced sounds fantastic. A fold-able drone, with a fold-able remote and this DJI Goggle so you can see what the drone sees. At one point Sophia from Golden Girls came on stage with her purse of course. Oh wait that’s not Sophia.: I have a drone in my purse Also for short distances you can just use your phone to control Mavic pro.

Actually not just that. So I’m just going to signal to Mavic to start following me. And as you can see, as I move around the stage it is tracking me I simply go like this and Mavic instantly recognizes that I want to take a picture and it instantly takes a selfie after three seconds It feels very, very sturdy. The propellers are automatically throw themselves out there and give it a feel, it is not cheap piece of plastic Now for different perspective we can do vertical panoramas which will give us a much larger scene So here I’m going to go ahead and get started.

One tap, two taps Mavic has 5 vision sensors to avoid obstacles, 7KM range, 27 minutes of flight time a 12mp 4k camera and in sport mode goes up to 40mph. When you take off, it takes a photo of the ground so when it is landing it lands precisely to exact same place Now the DJI GO app is better you can edit your video in the app and add music. The footage will synchronize to the music you added Very soon I’ll be releasing an in-depth review of Mavic Pro.

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DJI Mavic Pro – Read More