Drone hiking, my new passion!

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Published on October 14, 2017

Hi my name is Becca about a week ago I have published video where I’m trying to capture Eagle Mountain unfortunately during this filming I lost my drone and you know yes it’s the sad story but on other side I have a new idea today.

I won’t give little bit explanation maybe for people watching they draw what’s so special in capturing Sun well there is a several points the first by factory when you buy you a brand new drone you’re limited on page you can go up only 500 from the start point for capturing summit it’s a very small amount when the jailbreak counts I made it and I’m able to apply about 1500 1700.

Eeven I am limited because of do some moments currently are not able to avoid it so enough to make shot as you see I related by contact what with the quest Chuck you to something well you you have limited will say so limited battery capacity and you should use it so in this way that go make a capture you should make orbit different angles of view capture of this and come back safely so in normal life I have estimated the 12 kilometers like sixth day and six peg I had back when you’re in the mountains everything is different you have less air density the rotor should turn faster you are just training more batteries and second moment is the week on this high life Pushpa it could be God knows nobody knows what the weather we will be over there so all these conditions should be accepted I should find the better place as closer and I can I’m not out in this so place where I can go by myself a dog get out without this head should be quite high because even as I said I have limitation on also distance.

Sso hey Plus this thing should not be more than some value we actually doesn’t know and yes you are there is the parts of adrenaline is part of lag and actually it’s very passionate from so I’m made up by the legend in translation which bar means which Sabbath so maybe some witches has stolen my drone or I don’t know there have been some magic I really appreciate your comments and your views your sport your feedback people are asking what actually happened wrong currently I don’t know I have downloaded Lord in our study I can see this information while there was so in the next video probably I will tell give more details that’s part one comments I have a question about how I managed to pipe by Bay pass 500 it’s like a jailbreak it’s all there only works on bunch of phantom panic inspired unfortunately it doesn’t work on phantom 3 officer information by the way I can recommend to my DJ that second the question was about well I apply on this expensive wrong you should build something cheaper and try to do if you want to do this thing actually I need the quality terry manttan or micro buy extra – okay this is equality it is it’s very easy to handle very predictable to handle I want to thank you for your views and I’m happy to see that people I trusted in this time if you like videos please subscribe share to your friends thank you for your time so again

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