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Published on March 31, 2018

Electric powered RC Gee Bee

To look at it, you wouldn’t think it was a world-class racer but that’s just what the Gee Bee was. And ElectriFly’s Receiver-Ready model of the Gee Bee will draw attention as much for its performance as it will for its profile!
This replica is made from tough, lightweight AeroCell foam, and virtually no assembly is required. Because it’s Receiver-Ready, all you have to do is install your choice of receiver and battery, and you’re ready to go.

A powerful brushless motor and 30 amp ESC are already installed as are four micro servos. The one-piece wing attaches with just one screw under the hatch and the tail section mounts onto carbon-fiber rods and is held in place by magnets. With this roomy interior, changing battery packs is easy and the hatch is secured with magnets. Besides being durable, the foam fuselage has details such as panel lines, hatches and vents molded in.

Easy-to-install elastic cord is included for creating realistic-looking flying wire and you even get a pilot figure. And wheel pants attach magnetically, so that in the event of a hard landing they can “break away” without damage. The Gee Bee’s distinctive fuselage design acts as an airfoil, which allows it to make smooth, “knife edge” turns. Plus, it’s capable of solid aerobatics such as rolls, loops, hammer-heads and knife-edge flight. If you’re looking for a sport plane to stand out from all the others, take a look at the Receiver-Ready Gee Bee from ElectriFly. It’s a real attention-getter!.

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