How To Make a Drone From Cheap 15 $ RC Drone

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Published on January 10, 2017

Holy Stone HS200W FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera

Can we make a small drone into a bigger drone let’s find out so , making a big drone can be easy if you have all the parts but you know what parts of the small drone and body of a bigger drone combines into a bigger drone is it really possible ! so to test this theory i have ordered the cheerson CX-10 which is a really great drone by the way as unboxtherapy showed and a body of Syma X5SW which is kind of a good but it has a core-less motors in it and it is a bigger form factor drone so there are good chances that we can modify the small drone into a bigger drone.

First I started taking apart the small drone and it is a really good drone by the way the build quality was really good ! there is a micro-controller the motion sensing unit mpu 6050 really popular one and a RF chip for transmitter small battery was just 100 mAh to give four minute of flight the small motors are really powerful for this small size so well I thought since we’re upgrading the motors of a bigger drone body we might need a bigger mosfet to control this motor’s.

So first i thought i should use irf z44n which is overkill mosfet but you know what after searching into the data sheet of the mosfet the drone originally has i found that the CX-10 has a mosfet which can handle 6 amps and the motors of the Syma X5SW only consumes 4 amps at full power so there is no need to change mosfet’s in there so firstly I removed all of the parts from the CX-10 then connected 4 bigger motors to the CX -10 circuit board and , no there is no sign of over heating of mosfets then I just assembled a bigger drone in a proper way and there we have it ! our drone is ready !!! so without wasting any time let’s just fly it !

Ok friends so it’s pretty sunny day right here and i’m going to fly this modded drone so let’s just do that Oh ! crash ohh ! crash you know what the first test flight was kind of a success but you know what this drone was just wobbling and it is not stable in the 2nd flight i have tried to solve the issue but here we go ! so the drone was making quite a lot of noise so the propeller’s are not connected properly you , so this is test flight i have fixed the distance between propolis so let’s fly again in the next flight I have upgraded a small part into the propeller section which really reduced the sound which the drone was creating as the drone propellers are shaking very violently this is the design flaw of Syma X5SW so what I did is I took this small straw and stuck it into this part so now if i place my rotor the rotor will not move in horizontal direction it just spins freely ! it’s sounding like a drone now !

I have tried many things to try to improve the performance of this drone but what i got upto is this flight in this case our smaller drone has a sensor which are calibrated for the small size of the drone but if we try to install this circuit board into a bigger drone, so this motion sensor values may just not work out of the box so we may have to tweak this values but this is really not possible to upgrade into the firmware of this drone if you know anything about it please let me know in the comments down below so anyways hope you enjoyed this video guys if you learned something from it please hit that like button share this video with your friends peace !

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Holy Stone HS200W FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera