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Published on June 4, 2018

This low cost GPS drone includes waypoint, follow me, and circle me capability. Find the Hubsan H216A here and try coupon code H216AX2 and get the repeater here (try the same coupon codes) and here’s an example power bank

– The X-Hubsan app provides many features for this quadcopter, most notable include waypoint, follow me, and orbit modes.
– Improvements over previous Hubsan H500 series drones includes larger capacity 7.6V 750mah HV battery and 1080p HD camera.
– Video is recorded directly to onboard microSD card.
– Can be connected to inexpensive WiFi repeater/amplifier. Doing such can greatly improve FPV and control range to over 300 meters.

– Brushed motor drone. Requires some minor attention and care to improve motor durability (I’m still on the original motors with my H502E).
– Quadcopter is controlled over WiFi via your phone. The provided controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth for smoother control input. The contoller can not be connected directly to the drone to control it without your phone.
– The X-Hubsan app kept crashing on me when I tried to Bluetooth pair the quadcopter’s controller to the app. Not sure if it was my phone’s fault, the controller’s fault, or the app’s fault? Whatever, I prefer flying this quadcopter with my phone/repeater via the app for maximum range performance.

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