JJPRO X3 Hax GPS FPV Drone Flight Test Review

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Published on June 3, 2018

The JJPRO X3 brushless motor GPS quadcopter can easily fly out past 300 meters, and includes 1080p Full HD digital FPV video.

D1806 2300KV brushless motors quadcopter with GPS.
– GPS position hold, altitude hold, automatic takeoff, landing, headless mode.
– 1080p HD camera records to microSD card on camera, and on your phone via 5G WiFi.
– 1080p digital FPV video viewed and recorded to you phone via its camera and monitor.
– Flight parameters (altitude, distance, battery power, satellite reception) telemetry are all displayed on the LCD of the controller.
– Includes an automatic geofence setting for newer fliers of 300 meters range and 100 meters height restriction. Quadcopter will automatically return to home if these paramaters are exceeded in flight. Geofence can be easily turned off if not desired.
– Returns to home when selected, when exceeding the geofence, and automatically when flown out of range, or on low battery.
– 7.4V 2000mah battery gives over 12 minutes flight time. Battery is charged via micro USB charging cable (no special charger required).

– Requires 802.11ac 5G WiFi to use app. Not everyone has a phone with this capability. Verify first that your phone is 802.11ac WiFi capable before purchasing.
– As of 12/15/2017, the Google Play version of the JJRC app has not yet been updated for this drone. Instead download the updated Android version of this app from its secondary China app site here http://www.pgyer.com/eWhl. The app is based on the JJRC toy WiFi FPV app, and only presents FPV video and recording status (no telemetry info is dispolayed via the app).
– The GPS can take minutes to lock on. The GPS position hold can wander greatly.
– Toilet bowl effect (TBE) wobble increased as the flight progresses. Compass calibration’s to correct can also take a long time to complete.
– Could not switch it back to GPS mode in flight after flying in altitude hold mode. Could be disastrous for beginner pilots.

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