Learning to Fly—Airplane Takeoffs

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Published on January 1, 2018

This video focuses on the basics of taking off with your RC plane. The first part of a good takeoff is getting lined up straight on the runway. While taxiing on the ground use throttle and rudder to control your plane. Push forward on the left stick to increase throttle and move forward. Pull back to slow down. By moving the left stick to the left and right you can move the rudder and nose wheel making the plane turn. In general taxiing requires only small stick movements.

Once you’re centered on the runway take a big breath and ease the throttle forward. Use the rudder to keep the plane moving straight. Increase throttle gradually. Once you’re up to speed pull back very gently on the right stick to add up elevator. The plane will lift off the ground. Hold a slight amount of up elevator to maintain a gentle climb and result in a successful takeoff. With practice you will gain confidence and takeoffs will become almost automatic. For more help with the basics of flying be sure to watch our videos on landing and turning..

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