Multigp Presents The Sebring Drone Race 2017


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Published on April 14, 2017

The Sebring Drone Race 2017

I’m Chris Thomas with MultiGP. It’s Saturday, which is championship day. Check us out on What’s up party people? VonQuad here. Hey guys, I’m BapuFPV Hey guys, I’m Shaun Hey guys, this is JesseP check us out on (CodeRed war cry) (ding) We don’t care about your props! You’re out. We also want you to use the hashtags; Hobbico, Vusion race, love your hobby, and MGP Sebring 17 everyone on the social media. $10,000 will be decided in about the next minute. Pilots goggles down, thumbs up. Pilots arm your quads! As we go live on, on the tone in less than five. (race tone) The go tone and who gets the hole-shot? It’s going to be ‘MAD AIR’ ‘ENVYASTRO’ right behind him ‘NUBZ’ and ‘FALCONX’ It’s a good race. Every one is up. As we look out to the wing.

And it’s chase cam under the wing! Over the Fat Shark viewing center. Into that front side straight away into that chicane! Look at this pass out. And ‘ENVYASTRO’ your top seat goes down, but you could get up. There is money on the line for everybody! It looks like, I’m thinking that ‘MAD AIR’ is going to be be your first one across the line. ‘NUBB’ then ‘GARZA’ in the number three. ‘BAPU’ up in the number four. ‘NUBZ in the number five. ‘HUMBOLDT710’ in the number six spot. ‘FALCONX’ in the number seven.

seconds separating those seven pilots that are still in the air everyone’s crossing over! ‘FALCONX’ crossing over in the number two spot. Now ‘GARZA’ worked him self up from six into the number three spot It is 2, 5, 8. In that order. ‘BAPU’s’ now in the number four. ‘NUBZ’ with a Z in the number five spot. And ‘MAD AIR’ is $10,000 richer!” Five laps in 137! That is the fastest lap record on the court. (crowd cheering) But here’s what you’ve been waiting for. ‘MAD AIR’ will you please accept 10,000 DOLLARS! YEEAAHH buddy!.

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