Unboxing and Testing The CX 10-C Cheerson

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Published on February 12, 2017

Hello, today I decided to you talk a little about toy that I just received. This is the smallest in the world equipped drone a camera, the CX-10C. The Cx-10A him, was contrary to the normal mode CX-10 “no nose” Very handy for beginners. The CX-10C does not have this mode. It will open this box. Here is the CX-10C with the smallest drone camera. I detach the drone It is really tiny, it is impressive. In the rest of the box, we find a user manual, a remote control, USB cable for recharging and 4 additional blades that will serve you in case of breakage. FYI, the propellers are the same as for the CX10 and CX10A. The drone is supplied without remote control battery, it will add 2 LR03 batteries. To make a small comparison between the CX10A and CX10C, we note that the CX10C is higher and the shell is larger than the CX10A The battery is higher. Feet under the motors are higher because the battery exceeds under the drone. On the bottom, we can see that the battery is bigger As regards the weight: the CX10C weighs 15.1g the CX10A it weighs 12.6g The difference is not important, but for a micro drone, 2.5g in terms of driving, it shows.

Finally comparing the CX-10A is much lighter so much more manageable. For the CX-10C, the camera is still really impressive, pity not to have the mode “no-nose”. As the CX10A, on the CX-10C front here. In front, there is the camera lens that is megapixel, it seems to me low, but good considering the size of the micro drone On the left side, always switch and the charging socket. The battery passes at 120mAh for adjust the loss of autonomy due to the camera. On the right side, a micro card reader SD. So we will add a card. The flight time is approximately 5 minutes. In the user manual, on the second page, there are commands for modes: Mode 2 left gas and mode 1 right gas.

There are also some information on safety. On the third page, the introduction of batteries, recharging and gas and steering commands here. Then, there is the sensitivity setting by clicking on the gas button. There are 3 modes: – A junior fashion with a click sensitivity 30% – 2 clicks intermediate mode with a sensitivity 50% – 3 clicks senior fashion with sensitivity 70% The location of the gas depends on the mode 1 or Mode 2 By clicking of the direction button, it allows us to make flips left, right, front or out. Then we trim adjustment and on the right page, the calibration of acceleration. In summary, for mode 2 with the left button from front to rear is the acceleration. Right and left, it is the rotation of the quad on itself like this.

To the right button: right to move right left to go left forward to go forward and back to go back. The small middle button allows adjustment the trim. Here we find the power button and the last button to take pictures or videos. We can greet miniaturization prowess, but at the expense of flight performance. The result is a cool gadget. The next step for quadricopters the size of the CX-10 … it is the FPV. Here is a test video. Subscribe to +.

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