Using A Dji Phantom 4 To Test Search And Rescue Accessories

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Published on January 29, 2017

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Presentation for the Search & Rescue Contest

Hey Guys! We’re doing our presentation for the Search & Rescue Contest, here at MakerFaire Gonna show off some really cool designs from the winners of our Search & Rescue contest So this is a capsule, Uh, We’re calling this this Self Release Delivery Capsule And it’s going to. It’s going to land somewhere, and drop off a payload. And that has a phone inside of it, So that someone could call for rescue or tell people where they are. Yeah it’s my phone! Tell us a little about where the idea for this design came from for the contest? Well I created other designs using a spindle that threads into a centralized female post, for other purposes and then when I saw the contest, I knew that I had a concept for screwing the caps on potentially, so what I did was I ended up creating the capsule that would have openings on either end, meaning that it would open on either side, and that in the fact that it would hold stuff, that would be amazing.

But the key would be, can I make this so that a drone can be attached to it, but then the drone would hit the ground, and self- release, and it’ll fall to the ground. And uh, and then by putting the arms in the handle and in the orientation that they are they basically HAVE to fall off – it works perfectly. That’s awesome, yeah it looked great, it was really cool to watch it demonstrated. And you’re a Firefighter as well, right? I was a Firefighter, I’m an old man now, so, that was years ago. Alright, that’s so awesome, well I’m glad that you made this and are in our finalists for the contest! Yeah, well it’s a pleasure to be doing something for Firefighters around the globe. I just hope it works like it’s intended. Thanks! Thank you! So another one of our winners, is the dye marker bomb and bouy. So how this works, I have it taped together so that it’ll just keep it together.

Um but this takes a fluorescent dye that you put inside of the capsule, right here – so I pour this dye in and I would seal it with a water soluble glue, and then if someone were trapped, in the water, out somewhere, and it was hard to see them, we could put the dye in here, close it up, glue it together – im gonna use tape right now just so that it stays together – but you want really water soluble glue so that it’ll dissolve and then it’ll open and that dye will stay in the water right next there, so that search & rescue officers can find them, to save that person. Another one of our winners is this whistle, we’re not going to use it right now cause it’ll be really really loud, but this whistle will hook onto one of the arms of the drone. Uh, this whistle will hang on to it and make a really loud noise, so everyone knows that the drone is around, and they can see that. Uh, this is the exoskeleton, for the DJI Phantom 4, and this has all of these points that you can clip on extra accessories, y’know like a GoPro, or lights, so that you can have search lights with it, you can also hook up a bag or something to drop things off to help rescue people.

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